This is a rare tree that produces GREAT tasting fruit.  If you don't believe us, Mark Twain once said that the cherimoya "is the pride of the [Hawaiian] islands, the most delicious fruit known to men." (Sacramento Daily Union, October 25, 1866)  If you've never had a cherimoya, it tastes like a wonderful combination of fruits including strawberry, mango, banana, and coconut.  It's very unique, you have to try it for yourself!

  • These trees are approximately 4' tall when delivered 
  • Fast growing tree that can grow up to 30' tall but can be easily restrained with pruning
  • Enjoys full sun
  • Cold tolerant to 28° F
  • Partially self-pollinating, however requires hand-pollination to produce reliable fruit. It's not that hard, you simply collect the pollen from the male flowers (not the anthers) and use a small paint brush to pollinate the female flowers. If you are interested in the tree, we can help walk you through it, the fruit makes it worth the extra effort!!

During the Incan Empire, cherimoyas were reserved solely for royalty.  Now it's for everyone, get yours today!


Type: Fruit Trees

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