Avocado - Little Cado

Want to grow your own avocados but don't have too much space? This small tree is perfect for you or your loved ones! Little Cado, also known as Wurtz, is the only true genetic dwarf avocado tree. This makes the Little Cado perfect to grow as a potted specimen on an apartment balcony, cramped backyard, or any space you don't have a lot of room. The tree is a consistent bearer of green-skin, great quality avocados that taste similar to Hass.

  • Trees are approximately 3-4' tall when delivered
  • Little Cado trees grow to 8'-10' tall, but you can prune as desired (minimum 5' tall and wide)
  • Self-pollinator
  • Enjoys full sun
  • Can be grown in a large pot (20 gallon+) or planted in the ground as desired
  • Cold-tolerant down to 28°F (if potted, move the tree inside on really cold nights)
  • Bears fruit May to September

Type: Fruit Trees

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